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From Used Tyres to Valuable Commodities

2G BioPOWER is developing a UK business to convert used tyres into useful commodities. It has been working closely with Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro) for over 3 years.  2GBioPOWER has UK exclusive rights to Enviro's bespoke and proven technology, which produces partially renewable oil, carbon black and steel from used tyres.


Enviro is the first company in the world to recover and process Carbon Black from tyres - which is then being used commercially in rubber product manufacture. 


EnviroCB 550 production results in 60% lower GHG emissions compared to virgin CB, and costs less. Using  EnviroCB 550 thus delivers financial benefits and its environmental credentials contribute to ISO14000 accreditation.


Enviro's technology and product have been endorsed by:

  • Vanlead in China who propose to build an Enviro plant in 2017 and use EnviroCB 550 in tyre manufacture.

  • Volvo Cars who have accepted the use of EnviroCB 550 in the manufacture of rubber components for its vehicles.

  • Alvenius - who are now supplying pipes with seals made using EnviroCB 550

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